How many types of Zumba are there?


Currently, there are more than 10 different types of Zumba, so that we can train and have fun within a discipline chosen by millions around the world. Meet them below!

How many types of Zumba are there?

We all know Zumba, or at least we know that it's a fun, physically demanding dance class, practiced mostly by women. Below, we will tell you how many types of Zumba there are and what differences there are between each one.

What types of Zumba can we practice?

Although we think that Zumba is simply a dance between a group of people, the truth is that there are several types of Zumba. There are several differences between them, and that is why each type may be more recommendable for some people, depending on their objectives:

1. Zumba

It is the quintessential class when it comes to Zumba, the original and most well-known. It is designed for all ages and the idea is to have a fun time while sweating and dancing. By fusing low and high intensity movements, you enjoy a true "Latin party" in every class.

2. Strong Nation

It was formerly called Zumba Strong or Strong by Zumba but is now known as Strong Nation. One of the curiosities of this variant of Zumba is that... there is no dance! Yes, because it combines high-intensity, cardio, and strength training intervals with the rhythm of the music.

The idea is that the songs motivate us to exercise harder and to overcome our own limits. The Strong Nation class lasts 50 minutes and is divided into four quadrants: the first three work legs, arms, and cardio, and the last one work abs. Movements from other disciplines, such as boxing, are included.

3. Aqua Zumba

This is one of the types of Zumba chosen by older people, although it can be practiced by everyone. It is basically a dance of Zumba choreography... but in the water.

If you like to exercise in the pool, the Aqua Zumba is perfect for you. Some even do the classes in the sea or on a lake. The movements in the water have less impact on the joints but are very demanding anyway.

4. Zumba Step

It is the most chosen option among those who want to strengthen their buttocks and legs... and who like to go up and down the step during the classes. Through the music and choreography, the lower body is mainly worked on, although there may be some tracks where weights are included to exercise the arms.

5. Zumba Gold

It is one of the types of Zumba designed for the elderly because the movements are softer and less intense than those of a traditional Zumba class. The choreography is quite simple, without jumps or very pronounced turns.

The aim of Zumba Gold is that you can work on your balance and coordination and, of course, have a good time in the company of other people of the same age.

6. Zumba Toning

Working hard, toning, and defining muscles doesn't have to take the fun out of training. That's what a Zumba Toning class offers, using lightweight maracas - known as sticks - to focus training on a specific muscle group, such as arms, legs, or abs.

7. Zumba Circuit

Perhaps it is one of the types of Zumba that we least associate with dance since it is even practiced in the gym's weight room. However, it does not leave aside the music to give rhythm to the series and repetitions.

8. Zumba Sentao

This modality is designed for those who want to work their abs intensely... and is a good idea for training at home, because a chair is used as a support.

Zumba Sentao combines resistance and strengthening exercises with other dance exercises, always using a chair as a partner. It is a high intensity workout.

9. Plate by Zumba

A Plate class is designed not only to dance, exercise, and feel good but also includes a guide through the trainer to help you eat healthier. In each class, we discuss nutrition, good habits, and healthy recipes.

10. Zumba Kids and Zumba Kids Jr

These are the two modalities so that children can dance Zumba and have fun. In the case of Kids Jrs, it is for children between 4 and 6 years old, and Zumba Kids, from 7 to 11 years old. Fun, dance, music, friends... everything the little ones need!

Finally, we have another type of Zumba that includes children, the Zumbini. In this case, it is for family dancing with children up to 3 years old, with sessions of 45 minutes. As you can see, this is a discipline with options for all tastes, so choose your favorite and let's dance!