Staff motivation in a company in 4 steps


Staff motivation in a company in 4 steps

Employee motivation in a company is the degree of dynamism, willpower, and innovation that employees demonstrate at work. Indeed, they must be 100% in their daily contributions to boost the company's growth. Obviously, it is when the company finds the right motivation formula that employees become more creative and therefore more productive.

When a company motivates its staff well, the result is a better result that translates into excellent performance. This is why motivation has become more important and even a priority for many companies.

A great deal of research has finally shed light on the general opinion on the issue. And this research has proven that the motivation and commitment of a company's employees are particularly linked. And more than that, it certainly solves the productivity problem in the company. This is why many companies, businesses or organizations are allocating the necessary resources to this issue.

In fact, a study of U.S. employees found that more than 70% do not give their all. This may be due to a lack of communication between management and staff. In other words, there is a malaise among employees that prevents them from giving 100% of themselves in their activities. For example, you will see them less committed to new reforms or less involved in making major decisions. When management identifies such a problem, it must look for ways to remedy the situation in order to further motivate its staff.

However, it all depends on your company's principles or values. In this article, you will discover in 4 steps how to motivate the staff in a company.

1- Building an ideal working environment to motivate your staff

No employee wants to work in an unfriendly work environment where boredom reigns every day. To do so, you must have an attractive, operational, and fun workspace to make your work much easier. You must therefore plan what your staff will use to work better in your company. This can be achieved by acquiring new work equipment if possible, or by regular maintenance of the equipment in general.

However, it is not enough to have only state-of-the-art equipment in your company to ensure that your staff is performing well. Above all, you need efficient equipment maintenance and a clean workplace. Therefore, as a manager, the cleanliness of your company should not be a money problem for you. The motivation of the personnel in a company also depends on these parameters that a manager must consider. You must also think about the aesthetics of the furniture used in your company.

When your employees have furniture that meets certain criteria, getting to work is no longer a problem, but becomes a pleasure. If your staff is happy in their work environment, they will be productive. Talent Works International demonstrates this in its statistics.

In fact, according to them, employees who are fulfilled on the job outperform by 31%. In addition, 62% of employees in given positions of responsibility are satisfied with their activities. That's what Smallbizgenius says in one of its employee fulfillment surveys. No matter how big or small a company is, it must make employee motivation a crucial objective.

2- To be an exemplary leader for his staff in the company

Poor management of your company's employees does not just mean that they are treated badly. When you don't set a good example in your company, it will make your staff distant. Thus, the company will go from bad to worse. That is why it is important to pay attention to them by giving them the respect they deserve.

You can also in your various reports show them all your honesty and especially show them unfailing support. It is also possible, in addition to being an exemplary boss, to be a true leader for the entire staff.

Also, if this is your first time at the head of a company, you can read the article on how to be a good manager of managers. You will find ideas and guidelines for your management and to help you be a good leader. Because a new skill or responsibility implies new knowledge to be acquired. When you can rely on the leader in case of problems, the motivation of the staff in a company is perfect.

As a leader, don't just focus on your personal skills to manage well. You need to lead the way and, most importantly, show that you are the right person to emulate. Also, practice listening to all your staff by communicating more with them.

3- Knowing how to appreciate the company's staff with good comments or rewards

When you are a business leader, before seeking to satisfy your customers, think first of all about employee fulfillment. The whole feeling that an employee will convey to a customer will depend on how he or she lives at work. You can, for example, send them back comments from customers they have served in the course of the month or quarter.

When the staff knows that a customer is satisfied with their services, it's a relief for everyone. And, in the same vein, the joy at work is renewed. During meetings, the company manager can share the various comments of the company's customers with his teams.

One of the most effective ways to motivate staff in a company is through reward. If you want to see highly motivated members, consider rewarding them for their efforts.

This may include bonuses, salary increases or good overtime pay. In all cases, rewarding one staff member will allow others to be motivated at work.

Recognition is also a way to motivate its teams. Don't hesitate to tell them what you like about them, in their attitude or in the actions they have taken. The feedback method can greatly help you.

When an employee is less motivated in the workplace, this is automatically reflected in his or her performance. If his desire to work for the company is weak, then he will not be able to develop normally at work. On the other hand, this may be due to their lack of pride in working for the company. Also, don't expect him to value your company to the public in this state.

4- Provide acceptable hours of work and offer benefits

With new technologies, there are many things we can do on our cell phones or computers from our homes. This is one of the reasons why many employees want their employers to be more flexible in working hours.

In fact, according to Forbes' ranking, 86% of the top companies in 2014 offered their employees decent working hours. Many employees would like to work from home. It is also possible to think about a small catering for your employees during breaks. You can motivate your staff by setting up a catering system.

As is often said: "a hungry belly has no ears". This is obvious because no one in the world can be motivated at work on an empty stomach. The motivation of the staff in a company also depends on this aspect.

Indeed, 57% of employees confirmed according to a Seamless survey that a great deal of motivation comes from certain aspects at work. In particular, the aspect of the food that the company offers them during their meal breaks.

So when you offer your employees a good meal plan, they feel more motivated to give the best at work. Most managers do not consider this aspect of motivation in their companies. However, for business leaders who have tested this approach, the results are convincing. Staff is confident and their attachment to the company becomes more evident.

You can also offer mutual insurance for your employees, luncheon vouchers, or vacation vouchers. Each benefit will be like a form of recognition for them. Moreover, for equal pay, to choose between an employer who offers benefits and one who does not, the decision is made quickly. This will therefore increase the loyalty of your teams.

What you need to know

Many methods are used nowadays to make the motivation of personnel in companies more effective. If motivation is at its highest level, staff performance is also at its highest level. On the other hand, if it is at its lowest level in a company, the productivity of the company drops sharply. It is a question of :

  • give responsibilities to its staff so that they can make certain decisions for the smooth running of activities.
  • allow all employees to innovate by proposing ideas; i.e. encourage employees to propose solutions in order to improve the quality of a service
You can also take a look at our 4 methods to ensure that the motivation of the staff in a company is effective. These are :
  • build an ideal working environment to motivate your staff,
  • to be an exemplary leader for his staff in the company,
  • know how to appreciate the company's staff with good comments or rewards,
  • provide acceptable hours of work and fringe benefits.