Mom, thank you for being here today, tomorrow and forever.


For a mother, distance doesn't matter. Knowing how to be present also means having someone in your heart, knowing that you will always have the right word for every need, the most respectful advice, and the most unconditional support in any circumstance.

Mom, thank you for being here today, tomorrow and forever

Mom, thank you for being there in every possible way. Through unconditional support, absolute trust, that look which, since my childhood, has given me security and encouragement to find my way in life. In the way I want and in the way I choose. Thank you for being like that summer breeze that always offers calm, awakens happiness, and invites inspiration.

That a mother gives birth to these sensations in us is undoubtedly a gift. Behind a "good mother", there is in fact a wonderful person, someone with an exceptional human trajectory who has known how to take care of himself, who knows his values and his goals to always give the best to his own children.

Washington Irvin said that "a mother will always strive to dispel those dark clouds that from time to time hover above us, and by doing so, little by little, peace will return to our hearts."

This is true, but in reality, if there is anything that these women manage to leave a mark on what their children accomplish, it is to teach their children to erase these momentary clouds themselves.

Because mothers not only have this classic role of nurturing affection, love. They educate, correct, know how to set limits, inspire by example, and do not hesitate to pave the way so that at the right moment, their children advance by themselves in the world to choose the destiny they decide for themselves.

Mother's Day, a multicultural origin

Mother's Day is celebrated during the first days of May. For many, it is little more than a marketing vacation in department stores. For others, it's a special time to share as a family.

However, it is interesting to know that this day has been celebrated since the dawn of time. And, more precisely, since the Old Kingdom in Egypt.

There, the goddess Isis, creator of life, goddess of magic, and protector of children and women was worshipped every year. Also in ancient Greece, there was a holiday linked to the figure of the mother.

In this case, the Greeks worshipped Rhea, mother of Zeus, Hades, god of the underworld, Poseidon, Hestia, Hera and Demeter. She was a titan and it was common for the Hellenic culture to associate her with the Moon.

Later, with the arrival of Christianity, the festival began to focus on the figure of the Virgin Mary. However, it wasn't until the 19th century that the festival was set for the month of May because of two specific characters, that of the American poet and activist Julia Ward Howe and that of Ann Jarvis.

They organized demonstrations to reconcile the two sides in the American Civil War. In this way, they managed to bring women closer to all those mothers who had been victims of the conflict.

Each year, Julia Ward and Ann Jarvis have brought them together again to make the event a vehicle for peace, hope, and women's rights. Both succeeded in establishing Mother's Day in 1914 in May.

Thank you mom for your help

Mom, thank you for being here, thank you for being who you are.

We already know that Mother's Day is not a product created in a marketing and advertising agency. It has roots and, above all, an end. To value the figure of the woman, the one who fights for her rights, the one who defends peace, love for her children, the one who is guided by firm values...

In a way, many of us are familiar with all of these attributes. Therefore, we celebrate this day with them by thanking them.
  • Mom, thank you for being present with affection and intention in the most decisive moments of my life.
  • Mom, thank you for being by my side even without being there. Because even if I don't tell you often, I always have you in a corner of my heart. From there you always accompany me, from this place you will always be eternal.
  • I also thank you for teaching me to stand up for myself. To give me wings and not chains, to be a wind and not a moored anchor... I am what I am because you taught me that in this life you have to be free, but above all, you have to be responsible...

Basically, Mom, thank you for being there, for being who you are... So enthusiastic, so unique, an expert at making your life easier by your side. To laugh at everything, to be serious when you play, and to be for everyone. A role model and someone to love today, tomorrow and always.