How to Nuts help you lose weight ?


At the time of losing weight, we can make many mistakes and one of them (which is perhaps also one of the oldest) is to eliminate fat and concentrated calorie foods from the diet. The calories matter but they do not say everything and the unsaturated fats present in some foods can be very useful at the time of losing weight. That is why we confirm that nuts help you lose weight, although not all options are valid. We show you the best way to add them to your diet to take care of your health while we get rid of the extra kilos.

Best Nuts to Eat for Weight Loss

This is how nuts help you lose weight

Nuts are very concentrated in calories and perhaps because of this, many people eliminate them from their regular diet when trying to lose weight.

However, it is a food that, despite its calories, has very valuable nutrients that have been proven to help you lose weight.

First of all, they are a source of unsaturated fats that used in saturated fat replacements that can promote weight loss, or if it is omega 3, they have been linked to less adiposity or fat in the body.

But also, they are a source of vegetable proteins and fiber that promote satiety and in this way, they can be of help to achieve a caloric deficit and lose weight, as research published in Obesity Medicine this same year points out.

On the other hand, their fats also promote satiety or appetite control and there are recent studies that confirm that the intake of nuts and dried fruit contributes to the control of body weight or at least, to not getting fat over the years.

As if that were not enough, nuts and dried fruit are reduced in carbohydrates, and thus, they can favor a change in the nutritional composition of the diet that helps us to lose weight, besides stimulating chewing and the expenditure of calories that the body has to digest and metabolize what we eat, helping in this way also, to lose weight.

Not all nuts are good alternatives

We have seen that nuts in their natural format have very good nutritional qualities that can be useful when losing weight. However, not all the options that the market offers us are valid when we want to lose weight.

That is, in the supermarket, we find fried and salted nuts as ready-to-eat snacks that are often promoted as healthy. However, frying adds unnecessary fat and calories while salt increases its addictive power, so we should avoid it when losing weight.

On the other hand, we find at our disposal creams of almonds, hazelnuts, and other nuts that may contain trans fats and appreciable amounts of added sugars that we also recommend to avoid.

Honey or caramelized nuts are also not a good option when looking to lose weight with good nutrients and many commercial nut mixes also add poor quality calories when adding the famous kilos (which are not nuts), jelly beans, or sweetened dried fruit chips.

The health benefits of nuts

The best option, the least processed possible

Considering the above, let us not be guided by the mention of nuts in healthy-looking products we find in the supermarket. In fact, the best option of dry fruits to lose weight will be the one that is less processed.

A good option is to consume the nuts as such, after opening their thick shell after having removed them from the walnut tree, but also, we can roast the nuts at home and keep them for a long time in a closed, dry, and fresh container.

Once toasted, we can consume them as a healthy snack between meals to calm the worm between hours or add them to some dishes to add good nutrients and increase the satiating power of it.

For example, we recommend nuts to accompany rice or pasta rich in carbohydrates, as they add fiber and healthy fats, as well as protein. Or to increase the satiety produced by vegetables, carpaccio, or salads.

Another option is to make spreadable creams or butter of dry fruits at home, without added sugar, or to use them crushed or in the form of flour to subtract hydrates in the diet, in plates like a cake, bread, sponge cakes, or muffins.

Nuts can be a great help in our diet when it comes to losing weight and not only should we not avoid them but we recommend at least a handful every day at our table.