5 Wellness tips for a healthier everyday life


"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano". As we seek to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle, this Latin quotation takes on its full meaning! Exercise and a balanced diet are the two most obvious keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but they are not the only ones. So how can we adopt a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis? CMG+ gives you 5 tips to achieve this.


1- Adopt a balanced diet 

You were told earlier: eating a balanced diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. We're not going to lie to ourselves: it's obvious that a burger and fries will provide you with less vitamins and energy than a home-cooked dish made of vegetables, grains, and proteins! So we prefer unprocessed and natural foods to ready-made dishes filled with additives, sugar, or salt.

You don't have time to make yourself lunch? Help yourself to our healthy lunchbox ideas so you never run out of ideas! Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be your best friends, as will oilseeds in case you get hungry. There are many new ways to eat today, why not get inspired by them?

Be careful, this diet should not be restrictive in any way. Eating healthy is also knowing how to treat yourself from time to time and crack (without guilt) on a lemon meringue pie. On a daily basis, the small gourmet dishes, in a healthy version, will help you to enjoy yourself without ever feeling frustrated. By varying the culinary discoveries, you will bring to your body everything it needs to be in shape!

2- Playing sports

We know that... it's not surprising coming from us! But how can we adopt a healthy lifestyle without practicing a bit of sport? Solo or in a group, outdoors or in a club, exercising will contribute to your good health but will also be a way to evacuate accumulated stress.

If you don't like too intense practices, you can try softer sports such as Pilates or Yoga. The goal is not so much to burn as many calories as possible, but to let off steam and think about something else at least once a week. Gaining energy, better self-confidence, the benefits of exercising are endless!

Need a little boost to get you started? You can find inspiration on social networks or start keeping a journal to track your progress and set new goals!

3- Sleeping

That's right! Sleep is one of the essential elements to be healthy and feel good in your body and mind. With our hectic lives where we are always doing more and more, sleep is often the least of our worries. Yet, lack of sleep disrupts biological rhythms and can lead to the disruption of energy balance, metabolism, and appetite. So to be fit and in a good mood, we sleep!

In the evening, as soon as the first symptoms of tiredness appear (heavy head, stinging eyes, or yawning), you go under the comforter (and without your smartphone please). If you have trouble falling asleep, take a book or meditate and let Morpheus take you away. Why not try some relaxation exercises to start the night on the right foot? 

4- Knowing the difference

Subway, work, sports, family, sleep... Juggling work and family life are not always easy. Especially since everything is often done at a frantic pace and under stress. To maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you must also learn to let go.

In stressful situations, consider breathing exercises, such as cardiac coherence :

  • Inhale deeply through the nose for 5 seconds in abdominal respiration (belly swells).
  • Breathe out deeply through the mouth to evacuate all the air still in abdominal respiration (the belly will tuck in).
  • Repeat the cycle for 5 minutes
And to calm yourself and refocus, consider taking up yoga and/or meditation! Another good opportunity to do a bit of sport, all in a gentle way.

5- Taking time for yourself

Seeing friends, discovering new exhibits, taking the air in the great outdoors, playing, laughing... all practices that will contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Put down your smartphone, look up from your computer and enjoy what life has to offer: this is perhaps the best advice you can apply. Positive, enrich your mind, and smile at life!

You can also plan one or two cocooning sessions per month, at home, or in specialized institutes. Imagine yourself in a bubble bath, a good book in your hand, with a background of soft music. Or why not on a deckchair, in your garden, with a fresh smoothie. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? So don't hesitate, be a little selfish, and think of yourself!