8 benefits of cold baths that will leave you *IN SHOCK*

cold baths

Have you ever heard of people getting into the shower with cold water? No, they are not crazy. Cold showers have a lot of benefits that we bet you didn't even know about.

Yes, you will be able to scream. Shudder. Cry. But after a cold bath, you will feel full of life and energy.

These are the benefits of cold baths:

1. They improve emotional resilience. If you are often angry, this may be the answer. Bathing in cold water trains your nervous system to be more resilient in the face of stress, making you less likely to get angry quickly or easily.

2. They reduce stress. In addition to helping you adapt to stressful scenarios, it will lower your uric acid level and cause you to have higher glutathione levels in your blood, making you less stressed overall.

3. They make you more alert. If you're one of those who have already taken cold baths, you'll know that at first, it's hard to breathe. These deep breaths in the morning will raise your oxygenation level and give you a boost of energy to get through your day.

4. Improve your skin and hair. Yes, you'll look better too. According to dermatologists, cold water helps keep your skin's natural oils from being lost. The same goes for your hair. No more dull, lifeless hair.

5. Stimulates weight loss. Coldwater promotes fat loss. When you take a cold bath, you activate the "bad" fat, which will have you burning calories all day.

6. They are good for your partner's fertility. If you plan to get pregnant soon, ask your partner to take a cold shower. Studies show that this increases sperm production.

7. Improves circulation. Say goodbye to varicose veins. Cold baths will make your brain send more blood to your organs to keep them warm.

8. Improve your immune system. A study done in England showed that taking cold baths helps you have more white blood cells.